Gunung Jerai’s Puteri Mandi Waterfall


You must be there to really enjoy the picturesque view

  1. Gunung Jerai (3,992 feets above sea level) is a majestic landscape in Yan, Kedah Darul Aman. It is ranked 68th in Malaysia’s highest mountain. Gunung Jerai has lots of picturesque places scattered around the mountain.
  2. During the recent Chinese New Year holiday (Monday, 26 January 2009), I climbed the the mountain to visit one of the most beautiful waterfall in Malaysia – yet unknown to the general public. It is known as Puteri Mandi.
  3. The outdoor activity was joined by my brother and our nephew, plus  a trusted friend as our guide. We started our journey at 9.30 am from Titi Hayun, Yan. It took us about 2 hours and 30 minutes to reach the waterfall.
  4. Along the  trail, we found lots of water sources and small waterfalls, huge threes of high quality log, rare herbs, and birds. Alhamdulillah, we found no poisonous creature such as snake or wild animal like black leopard (which roams the area freely).
  5. We visited the waterfall during its dry season. Waters lazily fall from the tip of the rocky-surfaced structure. As the waters fall, gusts of  winds blow the waters from time to time into small particles and create thin mists that covered some parts of the waterfall.
  6. Why it is called Puteri Mandi? Old folks used to tell a tale of elves princesses using the waterfall as their playground. It is believed that the elf communities are still exist and living in certain parts of Gunung Jerai.  No worries, they are one of the creatures of Allah who are living in the four-dimension world.
  7. Their world does literally exist concurrently with our three-dimension (3D) reality, but never meant to be inter-connected. You will not see them or accidentally bumped into them…unless you are the chosen one and they want to meet you. Sound creepy, huh?
  8. Come and cherish the moment of  tranquility at Puteri Mandi waterfall. Tons of pictures can’t bring you the experience. You must be there and enjoy what the nature can offer you.

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Image Copyrights: Nasruddin Hj. Ismail


One Response to Gunung Jerai’s Puteri Mandi Waterfall

  1. louise says:

    what an interesting legend about puteri mandi waterfalls. what is the source of this legend? can i read up more about it anywhere?

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